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Meta's Threads adds over 30 million users in just 18 hours...

As a result of its access to billions of Instagram users and a resemblance to its rival's design, Meta's Threads amassed more than 30 million sign-ups within around 18 hours of its launch and became the first serious competitor to Elon Musk-owned Twitter.

Threads, dubbed the "Twitter-Killer," was Thursday's top-rated free software in both the US and the UK's Apple software Store. After months of back-and-forth insults, including threats to engage in a live mixed martial arts cage match in Las Vegas, the product has finally arrived. It was created by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter's Musk.

"The cage match has begun, and Zuckerberg dealt a devastating punch. Insider Intelligence chief analyst Jasmine Enberg stated, "In many aspects, it's precisely what you'd expect from Meta: Stellar execution and an intuitive user experience.

Following Musk's $44 billion (almost Rs. 3,64,130 crore) purchase of the social media platform last year, a number of rivals to Twitter have emerged. This was followed by a series of erratic moves that alienated both users and advertisers. The most recent action taken by Musk entailed restricting how many tweets people may read each day.


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