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About Our President

Mr. Murli Iyer is the President of the Global Advisory Group. With his profound business acumen and matchless industry expertise, he strives to provide strategic direction and steer businesses forward. Under his leadership, the Global Advisory Group seeks to offer unparalleled counsel to business owners that can help them grow infinitely.

Mr. Iyer has years of experience in the Mobility industry and has been associated with SAE International for nearly thirty years.  As Executive Advisor on Global Affairs, he has been responsible for developing SAE’s strategic alliances with overseas partners and providing advice to the SAE President and CEO on strategic global issues.

Mr. Iyer also represents SAE International on the Executive Board of FISITA (International Federation of Automotive Societies) as an Advisor-Societies. He is currently serving on the Board of SAEINDIA and SAEINDIA Foundation as Global Advisor. He was awarded the “FISITA Service Award” in 2014 for his outstanding contributions to FISITA. Murli Iyer has traveled to over 70 countries and serves on several boards including SAE Hong Kong, and Legacy International.

By leveraging the benefits of such vast experience and reliable business networks, he intends to mentor business leaders who wish to carve a niche for themselves in this competitive business world.

Murli Iyer holds an MBA in International Business from the Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, a teaching Fellowship from Moscow Linguistic University, Moscow, an Honors Degree in Russian Language & Literature from JNU, New Delhi.

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Our Global Associates
  • Dr. David L. Schutt (USA)

  • Dr. Sun-Wing Lui (China/Hong Kong)

  • Dr. Tatiana Ksenevich (Russia)

  • Dr. Sunder Rao (USA)

  • Dr. Luděk Hynčík (Czech Republic)

  • Mr. Bingliang (Billy) Xu - Mainland China

  • Mr. Fabio Eduardo Peake Braga (Brazil)

  • Mr. Ganesh Kumar (India)

  • Dr. Anghel Chiru (Brasov, Romania)

  • Mr. Marzio Bianchi (Italy)

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