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New Business Development Services

During these unpredictable times, do not let the fear of uncertainties deter you from creating and managing your dream enterprises.

We realize that the needs of new entrants are different from already established ones. At the Global Advisory group, we can provide you with thought leadership that can simplify the complexities of the business world.

We can help you to

  • Identify and decide on a new business plan

  • Understand the resources required for the business

  • Strategize and  identify growth opportunities in the market


Searching and Identification of Global Business Opportunities

With the world business scenario constantly evolving and new trends emerging every other day, organizations are faced with new challenges. 

Our consulting services help you to

  • Understand overseas customer trends/preferences

  • Evaluate and set realistic expansion goals

  • Plan your campaigns and growth strategies


Import / Export

Global Advisory Group offers valuable advice to newbies entering the Import/Export business. We help our clients to ideate and plan their entry into the Import/ Export business.

We can help you to

  • Identify the prerequisites for entering the Import/ Export business

  • Select the best products and trading countries for Import / Export business

  • Understand market dynamics and business trends


Liaison and Representative Services

Our Liaison and Representative Services is focused on providing expert counsel on trade-related issues. We can serve as your local representative/liaison office.

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