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Project and Program Management

Through our strategic project management services, we help businesses and organizations execute complex and demanding projects. 


In the Automotive space we specialize in :

  • Program management

  • Vehicle integration

  • Product Design, Development, and Validation 

  • Joint venture formation negotiations

  • Technical/I.P due diligence.

  • Technical contracts preparation

  • Technical/R&D Center formation, Operationalization, and Management

  • New Vehicle Launch and issues remediation 


Market Research for Mobility industry

Find answers to your market-related queries with our market research services. You can gain insights that aid in informed decision making.

Our market research services enfolds as defining proper research objectives, determining the appropriate research design, collecting primary and secondary data, using advanced digital analytics, data visualization, and insight building.

Our services include

  • Market Scanning, Profiling, and Segmentation

  • Consumer and Sales Studies

  • Competitor Analysis


Hosting and Conducting Technical Forums

At Global Advisory Group, we are experts at organizing discussion forums on global issues. 

We can help you to

  • Choose appropriate content aimed at your target audience.

  • Identify the best forum software.

  • Procure ancillary services to manage your web resources.

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