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A coding error has been spotted in a video displaying the original source code for world wide we

The Creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee sold a non-fungible token a certificate of ownership for the digital asset of the code. The NFT included time-stamped files of the source code and an animated video of it being written. The researcher who spotted the error said that it looked like "a simple mistake".Mikko from a security company F-Secure, said the symbols "<" and ">" had been translated into HTML as "&gt;" "&lt;".This was a tactic sometimes used deliberately to protect code - known as "escaping" - but in this case it appeared to have been in error."There have already been discussions about whether this would make NFT more valuable -like a postage stamp with a misprint error," he said. Hypponen added he had not personally bid for NFT, which was already sold to an unidentified buyer

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