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How optimistic is 2021 for Trade, Technology, and Travel?

When our uninvited guest, Covid-19 decided to visit us, it took a big toll on many aspects of our lives. The world practically came to a standstill, lives were lost, businesses plummeted, stocks crashed, and livelihood of millions of people was seriously impacted.

The damage done were enormous. Scores of industries across the globe took a nosedive, while some industries thrived. But now, we are in a new year with new hopes optimism. The announcement of Covid-19 vaccine has definitely come as a big relief. Now what really matters is how people come out of this pandemic unscathed and how they streamline their business in this new “COVID-normal” era.

Some industries such as trade and travel have taken a big hit. However, we are now hopeful that things are starting to fall in place and life would return to some normalcy.

When we look at technology sector, one needs to admit that it has come a long way since the epidemic started.


Businesses have started adopting new technology and started to become more and more sophisticated by using digital technology. Technology has become far more important for businesses to stay afloat and be competitive. From financial institutions to academic institutions one can see adoption of technologies such as virtual customer interaction to virtual learning.

It is interesting to note that most of these have happened during the so called “Pandemic period”. Customer behaviour has changed by preferring to go for online shopping as well companies going for newer technologies such AI and data analytics. This has proved to be a win-win for all.

Trade & Travel

The new year has raised new hopes about early start of domestic and global travel. A number of global events such as conferences, trade fairs, and sports events are being scheduled for 2021 and beyond. Hopefully, 2021 will usher a new optimism and opportunities in the travel area.


We are all gearing up for newer challenges and opportunities in 2021 and beyond as we start seeing light at the end of this pandemic tunnel. Let us hope that 2021 will turn out to be a positive game changer for trade, technology, and travel areas and bring new possibilities and potential for all.


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