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Outstanding Opportunities in India for Foreign Travellers & Investors

The year 2020 could be named as “the worst nightmare for the entire world” and that is

justifiably so. Who would have thought an entire year would be drowned in a pandemic nobody saw coming. COVID wreaked havoc for many families resulting in untold miseries and loss of lives. Businesses were negatively impacted and practically everything came to a standstill.

Since the beginning of the new year, the world has started seeing some normalcy being

restored though with a few lifestyle changes. India has come out of the lockdown with quite a

few restrictions still in place. The government of India is meticulously taking cautious measures to get rid of the disease. Vaccinations are widely being administered which will make India a desirable destination to travel.

The Indian government has taken various steps to ensure safe travel within the country. Domestic travel has resumed since the middle of last year.

The tourism and travel ministry is considering to provide a pocket-friendly insurance option to

lure more foreign travelers. A whopping $ 250 Million have been allotted to help the travel industry which took a big hit last year. New travel destinations are now available for both domestic and foreign tourists.

Make in India

India has not only been a popular destination for travel hosting plethora of heritage and culture to explore, it is now a preferred country for foreign investment. The Indian government has been reforming investment policies for foreign direct investments and that has unquestionably yielded positive results. A significant rise of 18% in Foreign Direct Investment to the tune of $73 Billion was recorded in India last year. Singapore, the USA, the UK, Cayman Island, the Netherlands, and Mauritius were some of the top countries to make their investments in India.

Eric Yuan, owner of Zoom meeting app has invested an undisclosed amount in Indian tech

company called The company has announced that the funding will be used to

improve quality, technology, and expansion of their services in B2B sector. The investment is

expected to boost the company’s growth at least ten-fold. The Indian government has approved an investment to the tune of US$ 250 Million for Telecom Infrastructure by ATC Asia Pacific.

Amazon Web Services, the cloud services part of the online retail company Amazon has agreed to invest an amount of $2.77 billion in Telangana to set up multiple data centers. The data centers in Telangana will be the second one by Amazon after the first one in Mumbai. It is remarkable that this is the largest investment received in the state’s history.

One of Apple’s largest manufacturing unit - Pegatron, has agreed to invest $150 million in India to set up manufacturing facilities. Pegatron’s factory in India is expected to be fully functional in 2022.


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