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About the author:

Cornel Stan is the author of novels published in German, English and Romanian.The novel "Automacher" describes people with creativity, perseverance, discipline, but also with passions and dreams, the cars for the future, whether with electric drive, with fuel cells and hydrogen, whether hybrids or even gas turbines, like in the airplane. invent and develop.The current hero, Dracfried, a great-great-grandson of Dracula, pushes the limits of physics and metaphysics with his gifts.Stan's working languages for publications, conferences and lectures are German, English, French, Italian and Romanian.

Car makers:

Carmakers by worldwide known expert in car engines Professor Cornel Stan is a fascinating novel about the conflicts and tension within the car manufacturing industry.

Carmakers—men and women endowed with excellent imagination, creative power, perseverance, discipline, but also with passions, dreams and fears. They invent and develop the cars of the future, be they equipped with electric drive, with hydrogen fuel cells, with mixed engines or with turbojets as found in planes.

Dracfried: Dracula Versus Diesel

This is a thriller about Dracula and Dracula's offspring and about the vampire's native land, Transylvania.

Based on actual historical and geographical facts, expanded with local legends and beliefs, this vampire novel speaks about Dracula's spirit's influencing the contemporary world.


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