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Global Advisory Group LLC

To serve the global community in the areas of Trade, Technology, and Travel

Global Advisory Group provides aspiring entrepreneurs valuable business consultation, aimed at assisting them in achieving success! We have over thirty years of experience in the areas of international trade, technology development, and the ever-changing travel industry.    

Our Services

•    Overall business assessment focused on identifying key strengths and weaknesses.
•    We work hand in hand with our clients to help them develop and succeed.
•    Continual review and analysis of developing and emerging opportunities that align with our clients’ offerings.


New Business


During these unpredictable times, do not let the fear of uncertainty deter you from creating and managing your dream enterprises. Our advisory services will help your business identify new global opportunities.


Searching Global Business Opportunities

Through our global network, we organize technical and business forums in global hotspots.


Import and Export


We offer valuable advice and services to new entrants to the import/export business. We assist in identifying global markets for our client's products and services. 


Liaison and Representative Services

We are able to represent overseas companies in the US - essentially serving as a liaison office. 


Project and Program Management Services

Through our strategic project management services, we help businesses and organizations execute complex and demanding projects.


Market Research


Find answers to your market-related queries with our market research services. You can gain insights that aid in making informed decisions.


Hosting and Conducting Technical and Business Forums

Global Advisory Group, we help you build a sense of community, generate online traffic, and create fresh, relevant content for your technical forums.


Private and Corporate Travel Advisories

Through our years of experience and utilizing a myriad of very close contacts in countries throughout the world, we confidently offer top class private and corporate travel advice to countries including India, Sri Lanka, Russia, Georgia, and other places.


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