A 3 member delegation consisting of Dr Ludek Hynčík, Dr. Petr Kavalíř, and Dr. Jaroslav Sip from Czech Republic visited SAE Headquarters today and met with the senior SAE leadership. After the meeting, Mr. Iyer was presented with the Certificate of appointment as a Member of the Scientific Council of NTC (New Technology Research Center) of the University of West Bohemia of Czech Republic! 


Our President & CEO Murli Iyer visited the city of Plzen in Czech Republic to attend the NTC Scientific Council Meeting. During his visit to  NTC which is affiliated to the University of West Bohemia, Mr. Iyer was taken around various facilities of the NTC. He conducted business talks with NTC senior leadership regarding Lab IR Edu program and joint events.


A two-member delegation headed by 2022 SAE International President Dr. Sri Srinath and Mr. Murli Iyer, Executive Global Advisor of SAE International and President of Global Advisory Group visited Turin and Naples in Italy to attend couple of important events. The most important being the International conference on "CO2 Reduction for Transportation Systems" held on June 21 and 22, 2022. The delegation also visited Punch Torino, formerly established by General Motors in collaboration with FIAT. 

The delegation also met with the graduate students of Torino Polytechic. 
In Naples. The delegation was also warmly received by the SAE Naples Section at STEMS and were taken around their facilities.

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Our President & CEO Murli Iyer  was one of the honoured guests to speak at the inauguration of the first face-to-face aerospace conference held on June 2 and 3 at HAL, Bengaluru. The two-day event attracted more than 460 participants, and technical papers were organised by the Aerospace Board of SAEINDIA. He also had the privilege of honouring Dr. Bala Bharadwaj, formerly MD of Boeing India, with the prestigious SAE Fellowship.


فهد القرقاوي، المدير التنفيذي لمؤسسة دبي لتنمية الاستثمار، و كبار المسؤولين التنفيذيين لدى إس إي إيه إنترناشونال – الرائدة عالميًا في تطوير تقنيات التنقل. يناقشون فرص التعاون في قطاع التنقل، بما في ذلك استضافة فعالية عالمية للتنقل الذكي في دبي. 
كما ناقش وفد إس إي إيه إنترناشونال الخيارات المتاحة لتأسيس عمليات الجمعية الغير ربحية في دبي. ومن الجدير بالذكر أن إس إي إيه إنترناشونال تعمل انطلاقًا من التزامها بتطوير المعرفة في قطاع النقل عبر إشراك حوالي 200 ألف مهندس وخبير فني ومتطوع لتمكين حلل النقل الآمنة والنظيفة المتاحة للجميع. 

الدكتور دايفيد شوت، الرئيس التنفيذي لدى إس إي إيه إنترناشونال، والمستشار العالمي مورلي آير وعضو مجلس إدارة الشركة في الهند دانانجايان مونيراثينام - مؤسس شركة فوكس تكنولوجيز - مع المدير التنفيذي لمؤسسة دبي لتنمية الاستثمار . 

Dubai FDI CEO meets SAE International team to discuss mobility technologies and business solutions
Fahad Al Gergawi, CEO of Dubai FDI, and senior executives of SAE International, a global leader in advancing mobility technology across the world, explore opportunities for collaboration in the mobility sector, including the hosting of a global Smart Mobility event in Dubai. 
The SAE International delegation also discussed the options for setting up operations in Dubai.  SAE International is a global non-profit association committed to advancing knowledge in the mobility sector by engaging nearly 200,000 engineers, technical experts, and volunteers to enable safe, clean, and accessible mobility solutions.

SAE International CEO Dr. David Schutt; Global Adviser Murli Iyer and India Board Member Munirathinam Dhananjayan, who is also the Founder of Focus Technologies, with the Dubai FDI CEO .


Mr. Murli Iyer, President and CEO of Global Advisory Group recently visited Dubai to meet with the officials of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) of Dubai and RTA (Roads & Transport Authority) of Dubai in connection with a potential event on Smart Mobility to be organized in Dubai in collaboration with SAE International and Global Advisory Group.


In New Delhi, India, Mr. Iyer met with the leadership of SAEINDIA and attended the MoU signing ceremony. He accompanied the CEO of SAE International Dr. David Schutt.


Mr. Iyer with the engineering students and faculty of Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai.

Our Planet is burning,yes,what ?

Oil, coal and gas create billionaires and monsters!

by Professor Cornel Stan,

Autonomous Vehicle Technology Conference - APAC21

Harmonizing the future of Mobility
Melbourne | 3 - 5 October 2022


Conference Scope

The purpose of the 21st Asia Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference in Australia is to bring together engineers, researchers, legislators, and practitioners as well as the public who are interested in the advances and application of Autonomous Vehicle Technology in both on and off-road environments. This includes personal transport, public transport, logistics transport, agriculture, mining, and military transport.

Detailed Program Published (subject to change)
June 2022
Notification of full paper acceptance
May 2022
Deadline for Final camera-ready Manuscripts
April 2022
Deadline for full papers for peer review
February 2022
Notification of Abstract Acceptance
December 2021
Deadline for Abstracts
30 November 2021
Open Call for Abstracts
June 2021

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